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Belle (2013)

Belle (2013) is a story about love and racial justice based on the life of Dido Elizabeth
Belle, an illegitimate daughter of a navy captain John Lindsay and a slave woman. She is
raised by her great uncle, who is Lord Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of England. This
movie is portraying the societal prejudices towards women and people of color. Belle was
privileged by class because she inherited her father’s estate upon his demise, but she is
confined by the race, being a black woman born of a slave mother. She was a well-
educated woman in a household linked to power due to its political connections and financial
affluence. She is not allowed to dine with guests indicating she still faced segregation. The
film incorporates two landmark cases that lead to the abolishment of slave trade one in which
the borne of contusion is whether slaves, human beings can be insured like any other cargo. At the end of the film, Belle says she has been blessed with freedom twice over. As
a woman and as a Negro, which is a liberation line for both people of colour and feminists.
Power in this film is illustrated to revolve around finances and the ability to control the
business environment and significant decisions on the judicial system. The slaves and people
of color are confined by financial constraints to being treated as elements of trade and their
dignities as human beings are ignored. For instance, the businessman is more concerned
about his loss than on the fact that the slaves died from a disease outbreak in the sea vessel
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