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Black Panther (2018)

Black Panther (2018) directed by Ryan Coogler is a story that brings forward issues of representation, technology, colonialism and racism. It is a striking imagination of what an African country untouched by colonization and powered by technology can achieve. Black Panther is a celebration of the intrinsic potential of every human being especially the possibility of African, or African American superheroes. A superhero film that deals with issues of being of African descent, therefore, it has a predominantly black cast. The success of this movie marked a revolutionary milestone amid a regressive cultural and political moment fuelled by the white-nativist movement. It is a fictional envision of a world in which black people have wealth, technology and military power to level the playing field.
According to the Federal Reserve, the average African American has a net worth of $17600 in contrast to white households with a median net worth of $171000. This film depicts the possibility of levelling the financial power of every section of the economy. Its success is a
confirmation that depiction of a diverse reality can be profitable even if its move aware from whiteness and dominance… Read more

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