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There is no correct way to write educational essays. In addition to content, writing styles and essay presentation methods in different educational fields also vary greatly. However, most essay requirements still have certain parts that are common, for example:

Title / cover Page

This portion contains article title, author name, address, phone number, email, and date.


While this is a common part of academic papers, not each one of them will require an abstract. Depending on the complexity of a particular paper, an abstract may be required especially in instances where more complex summaries are deemed useful. Abstracts are typically only 150-300 words long, where it offer a broad overview, and never exceeding one page. This helps is describing the main topics behind a research paper. It includes the research question posed, its importance, methodology and main results or findings. Footnotes or works cited will never be summarized. Remember to be very careful when writing the summary. This is the first part of the paper that the instructor reads. It should have appropriate language use, good style, and overall aesthetic appeal. Do not write it hastily or carelessly.

Introduction and statement of the problem

A well-posed introduction helps to clarify the main research and dissertation questions. What are you researching and why is it important? How original is the idea on itself? Does it in any way fill in the gaps in previous research within the same field? It is always prudent to ensure that you do not give an extensive reason for your topic before clearly stating it as a way of justifying your topic.

Study limitations

In this section of the research paper, one is expected to indicate what you plan to do and what you will not try as soon as possible. You can limit the scope of the research paper by many factors, such as time, geographic location, gender, age, nationality, etc.


Analyze your research methodology. Some of the questions to be answered include whether you used qualitative or quantitative research methods? Have you taken a questionnaire or interviewed other people? Have field studies been done? How is the research data collected? Have you used other libraries or files?

Literature review

The research process of literary criticism helps in the discovery of what other writers have written on your chosen topic. The educational essay should include a discussion or a review of what is known about the topic and how to acquire that knowledge. Once you have provided the generality and particularity of existing knowledge, you can conduct your own research based on the research of others. Writing a literary criticism guide will be of help here.

Body of the research paper

This is usually the longest part of the research paper. This is where the author provides support for their thesis through the various arguments as deduced from other journals and educational sources. This section contains most of the quotes and their respective analysis. Moreover, this section should focus on the rational development of the thesis and provide clear and solid arguments in all aspects of the topic. The clear approach avoids the emergence of meaningless deviations and provides the basic unit of an incredible research paper.


At this point, a lot of time and commitment has been spent in presenting and arguing the main points in the main body of the research paper. The conclusion helps to bring everything into focus and further emphasizes its content. By all means, an effective and informative conclusion makes readers understand and feel satisfied with the outcome of the research process through increased credibility.

References/ Works Cited/ Bibliography

List your sources here


Educational research papers usually contain one or more appendices. The material in the appendix is ​​adequate to broaden the reader’s understanding, but it is not very consistent with the main body of this research. Such materials may include tables, glossaries, graphs, summaries, questionnaires, extensive statistics, maps, images, interview questions, term lists, survey tools, letters, copies of historical documents, and many other types of supplemental materials.

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