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English Literature

The Nazi Officer’s Wife Essay

Edith Hahn tells us her story in The
Nazi Officer’s Wife. But she also wants to
convince us of something. What is her
argument? In other words, what is the most
important thing she wants to convince us of
and why?
Your response should be about two pages long, double-spaced, with regular font sizes and
margins. A title page is unnecessary. Submit your response as a file upload on Canvas before the
beginning of class on Monday, April 12. You are responsible for making sure you correctly upload
your work to Canvas. Late responses will not be accepted.
What is a good response? A successful response will (1.) directly answer the question; (2.) show
solid comprehension of the assigned text; (3.) exhibit clear and error-free writing; (4.) be thoughtful; and
(5.) support its claims with the strongest relevant evidence from the assigned text, cited in footnotes in
proper Chicago style.
How do I cite evidence? Please provide at least two footnotes citing, in response to the
prompt, what you see as the strongest evidence from the assigned text. You want important quotes or
paraphrases that speak directly to the response question. No irrelevant or insignificant textual evidence,
Cite evidence in footnotes (not endnotes) in proper Chicago style. Do not try to format footnotes
manually. Your word-processing program can do them for you. For example, in one recent version of
Microsoft Word, you choose “References” in the toolbar, then “Insert Footnote” with your cursor at the
place in the text where you want to insert the footnote number. If you are using some other word-
processing application, there is usually some kind of “Insert” drop-down menu in the toolbar with an
option to choose “Footnote.”

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Final Interview Research Paper

Write a 6-9 page paper that answers a question of your choosing by integrating data from at least one interviewee and at least three assigned course materials or outside sources. The question and interview subject must be approved in advance by your teaching assistant, either in comments on your proposal or in later consultation. You should also discuss this project with your TA and/or professor in office hours (this is why we have office hours). This paper should support a debatable argument related to the issues addressed in the course that has important implications for multiculturalism in the United States. Please see the “supplementary readings” folder on Canvas for some useful sources on relevant topics.

All information that is not your own original work must be cited, and we will be using to check for originality. Your paper is considered late until submitted to through Canvas. Chicago style citations are preferred in anthropology and most social sciences (Author’s last name, year: page #`) (Stewart 2015:1), but MLA, APA or any other recognizable style will work as long as you include an in-text citation that points to a reference on a works cited or bibliography page that identifies the year and publication information of the source of your information.

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Short Literature Review Paper

3 Sources Related to Your Topic/Question
Literature Review–Analyze Your Library Research- After you have completed your research summary and question, you will conduct
library research on how other sociologists have addressed this question. This will be in the format of a literature review paper. You will
need to collect at least 4-5 scholarly sources on your research topic. This includes peer-reviewed articles, books, or other peer reviewed
documents. You can add in newer information or studies that are not peer reviewed, but these will be in addition to the 4-5 scholarly
sources. A literature review is an examination of what other researchers have done before. This is an analysis of this work, not merely a
listed summary of the articles. You will need to think about how these works are related, what are some of the ways they differ, and the
overall points that the articles make.
PLEASE NOTE: A literature review is not simply a longer annotated bibliography. A literature review is an analysis of all the works that
have come before on your question. Please read the samples and instructions provided online.
Your literature review will need to be between 2-3 pages, typed double spaced, 12 point times new roman font. You will need to turn in a
bibliography with your literature review. This can be formatted in any style you are the most comfortable with.
Some things to think about while you are writing your paper. What do the references state about your question? What is their main
argument? How do they support that argument? Using the example of immigration rates in the United States.
– Some sources may state that rates have been increasing because of economic concerns- pay rates much lower, job security not as
good. (State the specific data the sources use such as statistics or qualitative interviews etc).
– Others argue that political/social concerns are also important. (Again state the specific data the sources use).
After you have read your sources, make an outline and write a brief summary/review of what the references cite as the main answers to
your question. Remember it is fine to have more than one answer to your question. Often sociological questions have more than one
answer because they involve complicated issues. Sort them out to your best ability. Once you have sorted through your material you can
start to make your own interpretations of their results.

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