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Film Review: The Breadwinner (2017)

The Breadwinner 2017 is an animated film directed by Nora Twomey about an 11 years old girl living in Kabul who takes up the role of the family breadwinner after her father gets unjustly arrested. The film exposed the patriarchal nature of the society where men are the breadwinners. It is an essential reminder of the violence and discrimination that women face in extreme patriarchies. Women and girls are restricted from venturing outside unless when accompanied by male relatives. In the film, Parvana decides to shave her hair and dress like a boy to get the opportunity to support her family. There is a close link between this children’s story and what happens in the corporate world. It is a film that dares to confront real-life issues with uncommon honesty. For instance, women in the corporate world men hold 62% of managerial positions while women make 38% of this group. The numbers are more staggering for women of color, who make up 17% of entry-level roles and a mere 4% of top positions. These statistics indicate that the society still holds the ideal of men as breadwinners controlling decision-making and resources… Read more

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