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Little Women (2019) review

Little Women (2019) is a narrative of three March sisters who are making a home together and following their talents in writing, painting, and acting while still caring for children. Adapted from an 1868 book by Louisa May Alcot and directed by Greta Gerwig, the film demonstrates the household as a unit of production than consumption, which is the general assumption about women and children. Women can embrace their feminine roles while still pursuing their goals in life. The movie is more about the resourcefulness of women and the power their creative mind possesses. Modern feminist criticizes the film for its inclination towards accepting that women enjoy performing feminine roles. Male critics are repulsed by the character of empowered women who can live comfortably in men’s absence in their lives. This is the story of many households currently being led by women. The father figures are visibly absent, either pursuing their career goals or not taking the central roles in the family set up… Read more

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