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Movie reviews

Film, like all other forms of art, take issues in society and life and express them as a form of a comment of the society. Social consciousness and appropriate representation are representative changes in society that influence content development and its consumption. For instance, black people, white privilege, and women empowerment are extensively covered by film and theatre. This essay focus on the social representation of power and privilege and how they circulate through films (representations in the films, including character and story as well as how the story is told formally, that is, through sound, image, and editing); through specific genres; and/or through specific cultural contexts in which films are made, distributed, and received by viewers.

Film and media are filled with a representation of events and stories that shows the boundless possibilities for white people especial male gender. There is increasing discussion on the need for media and film to develop content that indicates that humanity is
multifaceted. Currently, most of the power possessed by men over women is earned. Education, ethical conduct and political awareness are major factors influencing access to power and how that power is utilized in society. Although gender parity has not been achieved in all levels there is an increased presence of women at management and policy-making level that advance the integration of gender-sensitive activities.

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