The Great Showman

The Great Showman (2017) is a musical film centered on every person’s individuality and the struggle for acceptance. The circus members receive severe judgment from the public because of their differences. The great showman is a celebration of the American dream because Barnum rises from the lowest class to the highest level in the society through […]

Little Women (2019) review

Little Women (2019) is a narrative of three March sisters who are making a home together and following their talents in writing, painting, and acting while still caring for children. Adapted from an 1868 book by Louisa May Alcot and directed by Greta Gerwig, the film demonstrates the household as a unit of production than […]

Nursing Essays

Assignment Essay Choose one article from a primary scientific literature source that uses a microbe as a model organism/system and write a comprehensive summary of the study that answers the following questions: Write a summary of the study that includes: Why did the scientists perform the study (i.e., description of background)? What was the hypothesis […]


History 341 Essay Response guide for Seacole’sWonderful Adventuresof Mrs. Seacole in Many LandsWrite a response to the following question:Mary Seacole’s memoir was a bestsellerin Britain when it appeared in 1857. Given thatmost of her readers at the time would havebeen white and mostly male, how doesSeacole, as a mixed-race Jamaican woman,handle her readers’ assumptions andprejudices?Your […]