Political Science

POLI 100C GENERAL ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS:Remember, you can always help each other with concepts, understanding of readings and lectures,and the like. You cannot work with each other or former students on the questions themselves,nor discuss them with each other.You must incorporate and cite the readings, but, unlike the midterm, we are expecting direct quotesand paraphrases. Citations […]


History 341 Essay Response guide for Seacole’sWonderful Adventuresof Mrs. Seacole in Many LandsWrite a response to the following question:Mary Seacole’s memoir was a bestsellerin Britain when it appeared in 1857. Given thatmost of her readers at the time would havebeen white and mostly male, how doesSeacole, as a mixed-race Jamaican woman,handle her readers’ assumptions andprejudices?Your […]

English Literature

The Nazi Officer’s Wife Essay Edith Hahn tells us her story in TheNazi Officer’s Wife. But she also wants toconvince us of something. What is herargument? In other words, what is the mostimportant thing she wants to convince us ofand why?Your response should be about two pages long, double-spaced, with regular font sizes andmargins. A […]

Philosophy Papers

Consider the terms vague, ambiguity and generality as they relate to our textbook reading for this week. How are vagueness, ambiguity and generality used in politics or in law in order to achieve a desired outcome? What are some examples of how this might be applied in your future career as a nurse? Include an […]

Research Paper

A research paper is an extended essay that allows one to present their own explanation, evaluation, or argument. When writing your essay, you will use all the topics that you know and have considered. When writing a research paper, you will base your knowledge of the topic and deliberately try to find out what the […]

Do my Assignment

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Write my essay

How often do you get caught up with an excessive amount of academic assignments without the capacity to meet your educator’s individual prerequisites? College life is taxing and this is a typical battle that one has to face one way or another. Composing an acceptable research paper is a tedious undertaking that requires the most […]