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The Great Showman

The Great Showman (2017) is a musical film centered on every person’s individuality and the struggle for acceptance. The circus members receive severe judgment from the public because of their differences. The great showman is a celebration of the American dream because Barnum rises from the lowest class to the highest level in the society through resilience and hard work. It demonstrates that no matter the background, a person can find success if they embrace creativity, determination, and stand against sneers and elites, just like in other films with the theme of identity formation like The Dad Who Gave Birth (2019); this movie starts a conversation about the conflict faced by transgender people. The main soundtrack, This is me, written by Keala Settle, won an Oscar award and appreciation by fans because it resonates with society’s issues. This movie and soundtrack celebrate humanity because they bestow dignity on people who bear the scars of family rejection and discrimination because of their appearance or stature. The film is about coming to terms with self-identity and defiantly expressing it to the world.

A diverse range of content continues to inspire women and girls globally. This can be seen in the increasing number of female and minority representation in film. However, the theory of ‘the powerful male hero’ still dominates media with the stereotypical portrayal of characters according to gender roles (Kersh,1). The consistent targeting content aimed at children and youth is susceptible because these stages affect gender identity development. Social cognitive theory suggests that repeated exposure to stereotypes have a lasting influence on the young audience… Read more

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